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The media has a power to subtly change our perception and acceptance of things. Of making you think that what is abnormal in another context or situation would not be normal. When we use the term “media” here, we are talking about social media, newspapers, television, radio, all forms, modern or old, of communication. This is not a modern phenomenon: from ancient times, when new emperors came to power, they did everything to deconstruct the past, because they wanted to send the message that they are the only ones that would bring change and development for their people. Read this and learn more how to release yourself from the pressure of mainstream media!

We like to emphasize the importance of being obedient: to the leaders, to the Lord Jesus and even to the vision of God for our lives. The apostle Paul stated that he "was not disobedient to the heavenly vision." There are many rewards in the life of obedience, and I know that for many, unfortunately, simply obeying is already a great challenge. However, there is a biblical standard of living that goes beyond "simple" obedience. Exceeds in terms of challenge, and exceeds in reward! I'm talking about SACRIFICE: the grace to go beyond obedience. The bible is filled with stories of men who have done more than needed, who have given themselves over and over. The result in their lives is inspiring.

Polemics about abortion divide even Christians, and they are not recent. In 2017 our nation began to discuss the issue more broadly, due to particular cases judged by the Supreme Federal Court and prominent in the television media. Without wishing to exhaust the innumerable juridical, ethical, philosophical, and political nuances of this question, this article focuses on the biblical aspects of the theme, and seeks to answer three difficult but important questions: When does life begin? Who has the right to take it? What is the biblical way for those who have already practiced abortion? Read, share, and be blessed!

In a world full of relativism, where post-truth and fake news are the fashion word and white lie becomes something politically correct and acceptable, it is up to us as Christians to make a sincere and relevant reflection: is it worth "hiding the truth" for a good cause? Is there any reason to lie? Read this text and decide to "girt the loins with the truth."